Wine of the Week

I look forward to Friday evening. After putting the kids to bed, wife and I will meet up with the group (usually CJ and Jazz) to unwind over glasses of wine with cheese, nuts and my favourite Tiong Bahru Char Siew. Every Friday afternoon the only subject my mind can focus on is how much drink and what wine we will be consumed that evening. :)

This has been going on for quite some time now. Based on this weekly session plus our periodic pot luck gathering with the kakis and my daily glass of wine with wife before going to bed, I am tasting, on average, 4-6 bottles of wine every week. 

I feel that it might be a good idea to select one or two from the wine that I have tasted every week to share with everyone here on my blog.

Drink with me
To days
Gone by
To the life
That used
To be
Let the wine of friendship
Never run dry



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