Monday, November 28, 2016

Matcha Cranberry Bread

I had previously shared Mrs C&S's favourite method of baking artisan sesame seed bread at home in a cast iron Dutch oven. It is simple but consistently produces fantastic result - crusty and flavourful bread with character, over and over again. Wife has been baking breads using this recipe a few times a week for family and friends with rave reviews.

Baking bread in a cast iron pot with the lid on is like an oven within an oven. The super high heat and steam within the enclosed pot provide an ideal environment for bread baking. As the baking temperature is very high, make sure you replace the original black plastic lid knob of the cast iron pot with a stainless steel one.

This is my younger daughter Audrey's favorite, a slight variation of the previous bread recipe, using matcha and dried cranberry. Festive season is just around the corner and I thought the red and green colour of the bread loaf is ideal for Christmas celebration and sharing!
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