Monday, April 25, 2016

Baked Glutinous Rice

Whenever Uncle S and Aunty R visit us, they would request for my steamed glutinous rice. In fact, it has been one of the regular dishes I prepare for gatherings and parties. The savoury staple is packed with goodness like dried scallop, shrimps and mushroom. Topped with crispy shallot chips and roasted peanuts, it is so yummy that it can be dangerous - you just cannot stop eating!

Most of the glutinous rice recipes use the stir-fry followed by steam method which I have been using for many years. Some prefer to steam the rice first then stir-fry the cooked rice with the other ingredients.

Do you know you could also bake glutinous rice in the oven? Yes and I did it with my Le Creuset Tagine last weekend. As the glutinous rice gets cooked in the tagine, the steam rises to the cone, then condensing and trickling back again to the rice, combining all the flavours of the ingredients in the tagine. Once cooked, it is also used as a serving dish, keeping the glutinous rice warm while waiting for the guests to arrive. 

Besides the unique cooking technique of the tagine, I really like the fact that all I need was just one utensil for frying all the ingredients, baking and serving - that means less dishes to wash! How lovely!

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