Monday, March 28, 2016

Teochew Pomfret Porridge

I prefer porridge cooked Cantonese style which has a smooth and silky texture. But there is an exception - fish porridge. I love the way the Teochews cook their fish porridge - chunky fish fillet with grainy al-dante rice in clear soup. 

Recently I had this awesome pomfret porridge at the authentic Swa Garden Teochew restaurant. It was so delicious that I kept thinking about it, days after my meal there. Everything was so good from the very fresh pomfret, the clear but yet flavourful broth to the crispy bites of fried sole fish. So yummy and healthy, I can have it everyday! My only dislike - the price tag. The bowl of pomfret porridge at Swa Garden set me back $80!

So I decided to replicate this dish at home for my family last Sunday using my Le Creuset (LC) Marmite pot. I just love using the LC Marmite to cook Asian dishes. Besides distributing the heat fast and evenly, the sloped sides eliminates sharp corners making stirring and tossing more efficient and effective. It holds the warmth so well that the pomfret porridge was still piping hot until the last drop.

But I have to be fair, it did not take us long to clear the entire pot of porridge. Trust me, this was soul-good!

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