Monday, July 27, 2015

Butter Sage Minced Pork Capellini

During our trip to Piedmont Italy last year, we had this simple and yet flavourful tajarin (tie-yah-REEN) or ravioli with sage and butter sauce almost everyday. (Tajarin is the egg-yolk-rich pasta from the Piedmont region and classic toppings include butter and sage sauce, pork and veal sugo or porcini mushroom sauce.)

Friday, July 10, 2015

Home-Baked Sesame Seed Artisan Bread

Mrs Chef and Sommelier loves to bake and the family is fortunate to have freshly baked bread and pastry for our daily breakfasts and sometimes for dinner starters.  Over the years, after much research and experiments, she had adapted recipes that made use of cast iron Dutch ovens or casseroles to bake her artisan breads to great success.

Artisan breads baked by professional bakers have features like great crumb, airiness, unbelievable flavour and a desirable crackling crust. To get that kind of a crust, professionals use powerful steam-injected ovens which are too pricey an investment for regular home bakers. But the good news for amateur home bakers is, you too can achieve such shatteringly crunchy and delicious crust using cast iron casseroles or heavy ceramic pots.

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