Friday, May 15, 2015

Sous Vide Coq-Au-Vin with Potato Puree

Few years ago, when I first had my Sous Vide machine, I made this Coq-Au-Vin dish using a recipe I found on the web. It was a nice recipe but I felt the sous vide time of 8 hours was too long. Two Sundays ago, I bought some Chicken Maryland for our weekend dinner but I did not have that much time so I decided to experiment with a 4-hour sous vide window. It was a huge success.

I panfried the Maryland skin down to crisp the skin (like a duck leg confit) before cooking them again (skin up) in their own juice from the sous vide process with garlic, mushroom and cherry tomatoes. This makes the meat tender, juicy and it gets nice and crisp for the kids (and me!!) who like the skin.

Try this for your next weekend dinner!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Grilled Seafood with Mushroom Gnocchi, Brussel Sprouts and White Sauce

Wife loves gnocchi but not the kids. They prefer their pasta in noodle form.

So when Mrs C&S requested gnocchi for dinner last weekend, I had to think of a creative way to make the dish appealing to the kids too. I did not want to end up eating their share, I had enough of carbo last week.

Seafood is a safe bet with the kids so I came out with this dish for our Saturday dinner. The creamy white sauce dressed up the seafood very well. The spoonful of oyster sauce I added to the mushroom gnocchi gave the pasta an umami flavour that I thought would change their opinion about gnocchi and it did wonders.

    "Dad, somehow I like your gnocchi today. What did you add?" said Ashley as she finished her plate. I smiled.

Friday, May 1, 2015

See's Cookies for Charity

Hi everyone! I'm Mrs Chef and Sommelier.

Hitting the big 40 made me think about life. Looking back, I am thankful for what I have and made me think what I can share and give back.  Thus, this project.

Baking has all along been my interest.  I thought it will be meaningful to combine my baking interest with charity work, giving back to Society.  So to celebrate my big 40th birthday next year, I will take orders for See's Cookies from today May 01, 2015 till Apr 30, 2016.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation of Singapore.

See's Cookies for sale at S$40/jar:

(1) Blueberry and White Chocolate
(2) Almond
(3) Polvorones

If you are interested to join me in this meaningful project, you can send me your order through FB message or simply leave me a note at

You can refer to See's Cookies Facebook Page for more updates.
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