Monday, March 30, 2015

The day I fell in love with a Piemontese white...

I love wine.

My first love affair with wine was with an Australian Barossa Shiraz. She was sexy, spicy, intense and full-bodied. She was my best companion in various dinners and parties in the early years of my wine journey as I grew and learnt about wine.

That intense and passionate relationship slowly faded. Not that I got bored with Shiraz. She is still one of the heavy red that I would usually go for when I have my beef. But over the years, I started to appreciate old world wine more. Do not get me wrong, both old world and new world styles of wine have wonderful things to offer, it was just that personally and currently I prefer the complexity and earthy nature of old world wines to the straight-forward fruity new world wines.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sous Vide Pork Cheek in Garlic Soy Red Wine Sauce

Pork cheek is one of my favourite cuts for the sous vide cooking method. My earlier sous vide pork cheek recipe was featured in SousVide Supreme website. This is a variation to the earlier recipe. Instead of cooking the cheek further in its own juice from the sous vide process with carrots and mushrooms, I braised the cheeks in a dark soy and red wine mixture reduced to a thick sauce with whole garlic cloves.

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