Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What I ate (and drank) last week...

Prawn Noodle - Da Tou Xia

Prawn Fritters - Da Tou Xia

Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck

Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck

Claypot Frog Legs - Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck

Lion Head 狮子头 - Tung Lok Xihe Peking Duck

TGIF session @ Restaurant 2706

New world delight - Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen

Olive Fried Rice - Restaurant 2706

Roast Pork Belly - Restaurant 2706

Roast Vegetable - Restaurant 2706

Restaurant 2706


  1. Ewww...frogs' legs! I'd pass on that one. LOL!!!

  2. Hi Alvin, everything you ate last week looks so good.. the one that caught my eye is the prawn noodle and duck!

  3. Haiz, Alvin! You always eat such good food!


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