Saturday, May 31, 2014

Asian Food Festival - Indian Subcontinent (Round Up)

The month of May comes to an end and that also signals the closure of this month's AFF event which I have the honour to host.

Although most of us, especially Asians, love rich and spicy Indian dishes, we do not cook them frequently in our households. This month's event gives a lot of us the opportunities (or excuses) to stock up lots of Indian spices, equip ourselves with additional Indian kitchen tools and most importantly (at least for me) the chance to read up, experience and be exposed to this wonderful cuisine of the world.

In total, we received 112 recipes which I had collated into a photo album in AFF's Facebook Page.

You can also refer to the InLinkz link below for the complete collection of new recipes submitted.

Once again, I thank you all for your participation. I get to know many new food enthusiasts through this event and I will be going through all your wonderful posts and blogs in the near future!


  1. so true! i am glad I ventured into Sri Lankan theme this month and the family also enjoyed eating it :)

  2. Thanks for hosting Alvin, it motivated me to cook lots of Indian dishes at home last mth :)

  3. Hi Alvin,
    Thanks for hosting such wonderful event.
    I have learn lots of new Indian dishes from this event.

  4. What a nice collection of mouth-watering dishes!


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