Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Homemade Char Siew IV - The different cuts

Pork Char Siew (Chinese BBQ pork) has got to be one of my favourite Chinese recipes. I had experimented and posted a few homemade Char Siew recipes in the past (Here, here and here) using different cuts of the pork and tweaking the marinade recipes along the way and my top pick so far has to be the pork belly cut Char Siew. 

My group of serious foodie friends had recently mooted the idea of making authentic wonton mee at my place. The idea was to cook everything from scratch - from the chili and sauce to the egg noodle to  the Char Siew, everything was to be made ourselves. 

I thought it was quite a fun challenge. But before we do that, I told them I wanted to conduct an experiment to find out which cuts of pork make the best Char Siew. Of course I had tried different cuts to make Char Siew before but they were all made on different occasions with slightly different marinade recipes. This time, the objective was to keep the different cuts of meat the only variable in the experiment to taste and compare them side by side.

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