Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Foie Gras Mousse with Ice Wine Sauce

Having foie gras on your menu adds a class to your dinner and party. My favourite foie gras preparation is very simple - just season the sliced liver with sea salt and pepper, dust it lightly with flour before searing it in a very hot pan.

If I have some leftover or odd-shape foie gras, I make them into mousse. This mousse of foie gras recipe is very simple to make and incredibly delicious. I prepared this as part of a starter trio for a wine dinner last weekend. As I did not have any left over, I used canned/prepared foie gras instead.

Impress your guests with this simple and yet classy starter.

Ingredients (makes 10 small shot glasses)

150g canned foie gras (depending on the brand/can)
70g evaporated milk
sea salt
freshly crushed black pepper

Ice wine sauce
5 seedless grapes (peeled and sliced half)
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp butter
pinch of cinnamon powder
2 tbsp ice wine (You can substitute ice wine with Muscat, Sauternes or late harvest Riesling) 


Cut foie gras into cubes and place in blender.

Add evaporated milk, sea salt and black pepper. Blend into puree and divide them into 10 shot glasses.

Heat up a sauce pan over medium fire. Melt sugar and add butter until caramelised. 

Add grapes and cook for a minute. Add ice wine and cinnamon powder. Stir.

Turn off heat and let cool.

Place each half of grape into each shot glass of foie gras mousse. Pour sauce over.

Keep refrigerated and serve cold.


  1. Hi Alvin, I like to try this recipe. Can I get the canned foie gras at Culina?

  2. Your mousse looks so yummy, may I have a glass?

  3. I have a can of foie gras, dunno if I can cook anything with it. Maybe I can try this...but I think mine's the pate though.

    1. Hi Arhur! If it's in pate form, you can just eat it. :D

  4. Hi Alvin, this looks really classy. Think I've only seen 1 place in KL sell foie gras.... maybe for xmas when I wanna splurge. :P

  5. Wow. Amazing. I would love to make this for my family next week but I think I'd be the only one to really appreciate it. lol

  6. Hi Alvin,
    This looks really classy.
    Can I grab a glass from you? :p

    1. Of course Mui! Give me a call when you are here! :D

  7. Bro, wish I can grab a glass ! pictures beautiful captured and nice presentation!

  8. That foie gras mousse looks sinful , Alvin ! Sadly , I don't have leftover foie gras heck , I haven't even tried it yet ;D

  9. Alvin, these are so elegant and classy! I have never tried foie gras and I wonder how it taste like.

    1. Hi PH! It's rich and flavourful, something that cannot be eaten in big quantity.

  10. this is fit for the King and Queen. I'm really impressed with your cooking skill. 2 thumbs up for you.

    Have a great day.


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