Saturday, October 12, 2013

Seared Smoked Scamorza wrapped in Parma ham served on Chiodini sauce & Coffee-flavoured Galliano reduction

Ham and cheese is such a classic combination that has been used in hundreds of recipes. The reliable combination was given a classy and modern twist by Chef Anna Borrasi in a recipe that she demonstrated during the "Flavours of Italy Culinary Workshop" held in ToTT store last month.

Italian smoked scarmorza is wrapped with Prosciutto and pan seared. The saltiness of the parma ham fortifies the flavours of the scamorza cheese and makes both taste even better. The use of deep and intense expresso liqueur, Galliano Ristretto, in the sauce adds richness and a burst of flavour and gives the dish a new array of aromas.

Galliano Ristretto liqueur

This delightful starter dish is easy to prepare at home. Try it and I guarantee you that your guests will be very impressed.

1pc smoked scamorza cheese
220gm parma ham
5pcs garlic
25gm parsley
100ml white cooking wine
400gm chiodini mushroom
200ml Galliano Ristretto liqueur
30gm butter
30gm flour
100gm mesculin lettuce
100gm cherry tomatoes
10gm chives
 Salt & Black pepper


1. Slice the scamorza cheese into 8 wedges.

2. Wrap the scamorza cheese in parma ham.

3. In a preheated sauté pan, pour the olive oil and garlic. Add the chiodini mushroom and
slowly brown.

4. Deglace with white wine. Add a pinch of salt and pepper.

5. Add a bit of mushroom juice in a small pot. Add in the Galliano Ristretto liqueur. Work
in with butter and flour.


1. Prepare 4 small mixed salads with the mesculin lettuce and cherry tomatoes on a plate.

2. Pour the Galliano and mushroom sauce around the plate.

3. Sear the scamorza and place on top of salad.

4. Sprinkle the chiodini mushroom around the plate.

5. Add some sliced chives as garnish.


  1. Alvin , that is one gorgeous dish ! This is the first time that I've heard re scamorza cheese but then I don't really know much about cheese er except cheddar lol

    1. Thanks Anne! I'm glad that you get to know and learn something new here! :D

  2. Wow... i am always amazed at your culinary skills...

    1. Hey Mich! I took the photos but it was Chef Anna who prepared this dish. :D

  3. This truly is an elegant dish. I always love your artful presentation. :)

    1. Haha Amy... I didn't cook this although I would definitely be using this recipe one day when I host.

  4. Hi Alvin, I like your presentation. Look gorgeous!

    1. Ok... I have to explain again... :D I took these photos during the workshop conducted by Chef Anna. :D

  5. Hey! I almost missed this post. Was away in Kuching for the weekend. Hmmm...wonder what that is but if it's smoked, I like!!! LOL!!!

    1. Hi Arthur! How was the trip? You like smoked stuff? :D

  6. I only know Parma ham in this dish , hahaha! Bro , I know you will be enjoying good foods when you visit Italy soon ..

  7. Ho Godson, interesting recipe.Don't think I'll be able to cook like are excellent! Nice click!

    Best regards.

  8. Hi Alvin,
    This is a piece of art. Looks so elegant and i believe it taste great :)


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