Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jasper Hill Georgia's Paddock Shiraz 2006

I had a post on the fantastic Jasper Hill Emily's Paddock Shiraz Cabernet Franc 2 weeks ago. Couple of days ago, we had a mid-week wine session at 1ETL and CJ offered us another outstanding Jasper Hill wine from the sister vineyard - Georgia's Paddock. Both vineyards were named after wine maker Ron Laughton's daughters.

Vintage:  2006
Producer:  Jasper Hill Vineyard
Varietal: Shiraz
Designation: Georgia's Paddock
Country: Australia
Region: Victoria
Sub-Region: Heathcote
Type: Red Wine

While Emily's Paddock were planted with ungrafted* Shiraz and a little Cabernet Franc, Ron Laughton planted Georgia's Paddock, using a single clone of Shiraz from Penfolds, again planting ungrafted* material. A small proportion of Georgia's Paddock, about seven acres, is planted with Riesling, and there is even a little Nebbiolo.

* Ungrafted vines are vines that are still being grown on their own roots instead of attaching (grafting is the technical word) to American vine roots so that the roots would be immune to phylloxera bug attack. Read this post to understand more of ungrafted wine.

This is a very good vintage and with a higher alcohol content of 15% (instead fo 13.5%), the 2006 Georgia's Paddock Shiraz is big and powerful. Deep red in colour and very fruity on the nose, this is a full bodied, structured, succulent Shiraz with plenty of spice and floral notes emerging on the palate. The finishing is long and refined.


  1. I'm clicking this post! 2006 year must be a good red wine!

    1. Hi Mel! Still awake?

      Yes, this is a good red and can be kept for years to come.

  2. Alvin, how long does wine keep? Does it have an expiry? I have two bottles of red wine in my cupboard and I am just wondering.

    1. PH, shelf life of wine very much depends on the storage temperate. Preferably, you should keep it in a wine fridge. I had given you some reference for the ideal storage temperate for wine.

      Even stored at the right temperature, every wine has an ideal drinking window. So it really depends on the grapes, vintage and the vineyard. The information should be available at the winemaker's website.

      Bring them over to my place, we can drink together and I can tell you more. Haha.


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