Thursday, October 11, 2012

V. Sattui Crow Ridge Zinfandel 2006

We visited V. Sattui Winery during our 2009 year-end trip to California. We had a wonderful time then tasting VSW wines and had picnic lunch at the beautiful garden with giant oak and walnut trees outside the cellar door at Napa Valley.

This bottle of Crow Ridge Zinfandel was one of the VSW wines that we brought back from that trip and was precious to me as V. Sattui wines are sold only at the Winery, not in stores or restaurants anywhere and they do not export their wine outside USA. We had it kept in the wine fridge until couple of weeks ago when I opened it for our TGIF session with CJ and Jazz.

The VSW Crow Ridge Zinfandel is big and powerful but with a very restrained finish. The sweet fruit flavours of red cherries and ripe raspberries are further heightened with hints of cedar, brown sugar and white chocolate. It has creamy texture and long, pleasing aftertaste. The grapes come from 80-year-old Russian River Valley vines which explains the enhanced flavour of this wine.

This wine has been in the spotlight a few times as well, earning gold medals at the San Francisco Wine Competition, Indy International Wine Competition, and a double gold at the Amenti del Vino.

Vintage:  2006
Producer:  V. Sattui Winery
Varietal: Zinfandel
Country: USA
Region: California
Sub-Region: Sonoma County
Appellation: Russian River Valley
Type: Red Wine


  1. Gorgeous scenery! Your description of the wine makes me yearn to taste it! What is a wine fridge by the way? I thought wines are stored in room temperature.

    1. Ya man! Was going through the old pics of our US trip when I was writing this post and they brought back fond memories.

      Wine fridge or cellar is exactly what it is... A fridge to store wine. Wine need a constant temperature all year round to mature. High temperature causes the wine to age prematurely, thus losing its flavor and balance. When chilled too cold, the wine also loses its flavor and aromas.

      The ideal storage temperature is 10-13C for white and 13-16C for red. Before serving, bring the wine out from the fridge and serve/drink them at their optimal serving temperature to get the best nose and flavour. In general, the richer and full-bodied the wine, the higher the temperature it is served.

      There are quite a lot of information and reference on wine serving temperature. One of them here:

  2. I admire those who learn the details about wines and go thru to visit to the vineyard. Yes I do bellieve you will have a special fridge to store your wine. Beautiful pictures in this post.

    1. Mel, I'm sure you will also enjoy this once you start drinking and learn more about wine. No one was born knowing everything, even for wine critics and their taste for wine.

      We were not born in a wine country and all the wine we have are imported. It is an amazing feeling visiting the birth places of the wine that you enjoy, talking to the people behind the wine. You will feel even more connected and your appreciation level elevated the next time you have the same wine after the country and vineyard visit.


  3. Wow! I admire your passion and knowledge with all these wines tasting.

    This winery is such a beautiful place to visit. Wish that I can visit this place too :D


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