Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

Last Friday, CL planned a surprise birthday party for HH. The group gatecrashed their dinner at the Skyve Bistro Bar with ballons and bottles of wine, singing birthday song for the 40-year-old.

The team behind this establishment was also the owners of Table66. It was our first time visiting this place for most of us in the group and we all had difficulties finding our ways to the restaurant which is located in an old school compound near Newton Circles.

I like the concept of having different space options within the restaurant to cater to different needs and preferences. There is an outdoor alfresco area, a lounge area, a bar area and the usual indoor dining area. Personally, I did not quite like the mis-matched classroom-like furniture in the main dining area and found them uncozy and uncomfortable for a proper meal and party. 

Food plating and presentation was quite alright and I am a fan of the sous vide cooking. 

For starter, we enjoyed the seared beef tartare which was topped with truffle miso infused egg yolk, chopped spring onion and served with crouton and light wasabi mayo. The almost raw beef was tender and well marinated, a perfect start for the dinner.

Another starter that got my nod was the Hokkaido scallop sashimi with citrus zest, chilled japanese wheat noodles, salmon roe with spicy seaweed lemon dressing. The scallop was fresh and sweet while the cold noodle refreshing.

Seared Foie Gras was quite average although I like the way the liver was presented.

Mostly cooked using the sous vide method, the mains such as crispy pork belly and duck confit were soft, moist and tender. However, I was really disappointed with the braised lamb shanks that I ordered. Like any good braised shanks, I was expecting the meat to fall off the bone but it was not even close. I did not finish my meal.

Overall, this is an above average establishment but I was not "wowed". Nothing much to comment on the average service level but food wise, there were hits and misses. I was also not impressed with the extra charges for additional bread and the pathetically thin slice of butter served.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar

No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17 

Open Daily: Monday to Sunday
(including Public Holidays)
10am to late

Tel:+65 6225 6690

The wine that we brought

Seared Beef Tartare with Truffle miso infused creamy egg yolk, chopped spring onion, light wasabi mayo, crouton

Hokkaido Scallop Sashimi with Citrus zest, chilled japanese wheat noodles, ikura6, spicy seaweed lemon dressing

Seared Foie Gras with homemade apple sauce and chip, toasted brioche and balsamic reduction

Sous Vide Pork Belly -
Braised and roasted with crackling skin, potato & apple gratin, fennel salad with mustard seed, prune sauce

Sous vide crispy duck confit, maple caramelized seasonal root vegetables, sweet tamarind sauce

Braised lamb shank in red wine, ratatouille, tomato and herbs vinaigrette, served with its own braised jus

Brill Fish Fillet with seasonal vegetable and yuzu butter fondue


  1. Nice photography! U forgot to mention excellent dinner companions and a great night celebrating our 'youthfulness' . Cheers to the new forty and the next two 'forties' in 2013.

    1. Cheers and let me enjoy my last year in Club30. :)

  2. Fine dining, eh? Looks classy and the plating rather elegant. Trust me 40 is the new 20 hah! hah! Stay young!

    1. Haha PH.. I like your new definition of 40... I am Nineteen going on Twenty.... :)

  3. Wow! This seems to be a very posh place for dining. What an elegant to celebrate a 40th birthday! I prefer not to celebrate anything when I'm 40...

    1. Huh Zoe... I guess we all need to celebrate life as we age... gracefully...

  4. Cheers to the new 40! :)

    What an awesome place. And the food... very inviting! Love the photography, as always.

    1. Cheers! Lea, btw saw the pic of your short hair... Nice!


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