Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fusion Dinner

For those who read my previous post on Dong Po Pork Belly, you might have thought that I had the braised belly with rice and other chinese dishes for dinner last night. But we did not.

I cooked some angel hair pasta with olive oil, lots of garlic and the sauce from the pork belly. From the picture, the pasta looks like bee hoon (rice vermicelli), doesn't it?

Eggs were cooked in the sous vide machine at 64C for an hour. I served the sous vide egg with drizzle of the thick braised belly gravy, garnished with thyme sprigs. The combination was heavenly - soft custard-like texture of the eggs with the thick soy sauce pork aroma.

That was our fusion dinner - Slow cooked braised Dong Po belly with garlic angel hair pasta and 64C sous vide egg. Sounds good?

I was a happy man.

Wine was the half-bottle Les Fiefs de Lagrange 2006 Saint Julien that Alan grabbed for us during the recent Auric Pacific Annual wine Sales.

Winemaker's notes:
The robe is a deep and intense purply blue, already brillant and clear. The nose is delicate, full of fruit and white flowers, offering notes of chocolate underlined by hints of vanilla. In the palate, this wine is supple yet not simple, juicy and charming without being light and develops in the mid palate and on the finish to give a solid tanic structure with no hints of harshness. Charm is the dominating characteristic in this already plaisant and approachable second wine. Nevertheless it will express its full potential in a few years.


  1. Who says "Dong Po Meat" is a must to go with rice? Ha.... and Chef & Sommelier had it with pasta! And I can have it with "Mantou" too. The egg must be yummy .... I never had it cooked in this way. The dinner presentation looks classy :-)

    1. Steaming hot mantou will be a good choice to go with the pork belly.

      Mel, you should try the sous vide egg - one of the reasons I bought myself a sous vide machine.

  2. That presentation is so classy! The portion is a bit small for me though :) But fine dining is supposed to be elegant and dainty portions are called for, not like how I eat. I plonk a big serving on my plate and I complain I'm getting fat tsk..tsk...tsk...I must try this pasta, dong po meat and soft egg combo. In dainty portions of course. And with wine to boot.

    1. PH, the portion was actually quite alright even for a big man like me. :)

      But everyone asked for extra pork!!!

    2. You must be a small eater, young man!

    3. I seldom hear people calling me 'young man' nowadays! Sounds good... haha.

  3. Your second photo looks fabulous ! Presentation is classy and I'm sure it must taste as scrumptious as it looks :D I think that angel hair pasta goes well with that flavorsome Dong Po pork ! Great job !

  4. How I wish I can cook well.. and I hope for it more every time I visit this blog.

    Nice work, Chef! As always :)


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