Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oyster Mee Sua (Rice Vermicelli)

I love Mee Sua. My grandma used to cook Mee Sua for us on our birthdays, topped with a hard-boiled egg. Hers was a dry version and I am glad that my helper is quite closed in perfecting this dish after cooking it for the family every Tuesday (Yes, my wife fixed our daily weekday dinner menu so that our helper could get familiarized with the recipes).

My mother-in-law brought us some fresh oysters from China last Sunday and I immediately thought of cooking them with mee sua. The combination of ikan bilis broth, fresh oyster, leek, shallots and ginger make the soup noodle the perfect one-dish meal and I gobbled down 2 bowls of this for my lunch when I cooked this during the Hari Raya holiday.


Fresh Oyster (Add Chinese wine and mixed with corn flour)
Leek (Sliced - Separate the white stem from the green leaves)
Ginger (Peeled and cut into strips)
Shallots (Peeled and sliced)
Mee Sua (Rice Vermicelli)
Ikan Bilis Broth (100g dried anchovies to 1 litre water)

Peanut Oil
Chinese Wine
Fish Sauce
Soya Sauce
Sesame Oil
Corn Flour
White Pepper


Prepare the ikan bilis broth by boiling the dried ikan bilis in water and put aside. (You can use chicken broth as substitute)

Heat the wok with peanut oil and fry shallot until just before it turns brown. Add the white part of the leek and ginger strips and fry for another couple of minutes. Add little salt to bring out the flavour of the leek.

Add hot broth and bring to boil. Add green portion of the leek and oyster and bring soup to boil again. Add soya sauce, fish sauce and pepper to taste.

Add Mee Sua into the soup. As the rice vermicelli softens easily, you should not cook the mee sua for too long unless you prefer the soft gluey type of noodle.

To bowl and garnish with coriander, fried shallots and drizzle of sesame oil.

Serve immediately.


  1. The Chinese eat Mee Sua on their birthday. That bowl of mee sua look really so delicious; with the oysters, leeks, coriander; the soup must be tasty and flavourful. Good and lucky for you!

  2. Look good.... Did you pair it with a glass of white?

  3. This is the most elegant bowl of oyster mee sua I ever seen!


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