Thursday, July 5, 2012

Central Vietnam Trip Part VIII - Best Food in Hue City

We were all hot, sweaty and hungry after the visit to the Imperial City. We asked the guide to recommend a good local restaurant. It turned out to be the cheapest and best meal that we had in Hue or even the whole Vietnam trip.

Deaf and Mute Mr Lac Thanh setup this place that sells traditional Vietnamese local home-cook dishes. The eating place was not the cleanest or coziest in Hue but food was amazingly good and comforting.

Order was taken using sign language and the friendly Mr Lac showed a trick or two demonstrating to us how to open the beer bottles using his wooden opener which he later gave to us as souvenir.

On the dining table, there were stacks of rice paper and unlimited supply of fresh greens and various kind of herbs like mint, corianders, laksa leaves that were used to wrap the pork satay or the pancake that we ordered.

Dip the wrap into the homemade peanut sauce. The taste was heavenly - balance of hot yummy meat and crispy pancake with fresh crunchy greens enhanced with the flavour of the herbs and the sweetness of the sauce.

I could not remember how many plates of the meat skewers or pancakes that we ordered in total but should be in the region of 15-20. This was easily the best meal we had in Hue. Highly recommended.

Restaurant Lac Thanh
6A Dinh Tien Hoang Street
Hue City
Tel: +84-054-3524674


  1. This looks so good! Your description for the food preparation is mouth watering enough, let alone the pictures. I hope they have this in Hanoi.

    1. Thanks and welcome to my space.

      Enjoy your trip and looking forward to reading your posts and pictures of Hanoi.

  2. Hi, Thanks for sharing your trips. I'll be making a similar trip to Hue and HoiAn year end with my 2 boys below 10yo. We are also planning to stay in Ana Mandara. Could you share the details of the local guide? Thanks in advance! Rgds, LeAnne.

    1. Hi LeAnne, you can email lady boss Ha. Her email address:

      Or you can contact the guide who showed us around directly. His name is Minh ( +84905222246)

    2. Thanks! Rgds, LeAnne


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