Friday, July 27, 2012

72-hours Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs

Compared with pork ribs or beef back ribs, beef short ribs have much more flavor, meat, fat, connective tissue, and they can be much tougher. They are best cooked at low temps so the connective tissue and fat can melt, and the protein doesn't knot up and get even tougher. 

Typically, beef short ribs are cooked in braising liquid for long hours. Inspired by Food Canon's post on cooking beef short ribs sous vide style, I decided to put my Sous Vide Supreme to another test - 72-hours Sous Vide Beef Short Ribs.

I bought a slab of boneless short ribs from Huber's Butchery last weekend and was immediately excited by the marbling on the beef which you usually get only from good-grade beef like Wagyu.

Cooking started on Sunday evening after putting the kids to bed. It was quite a breeze. I used only sea salt and pepper to marinate the beef before sealing the meat in vacuum bags and dumping the bags into the SVS at 55C until Wednesday evening... yes, that was 4320 minutes!

I froze the cooked meat (in the vacuum bags) in the freezer only to take them out for our Friday dinner. 

We just had the short ribs for dinner few hours ago. What can I say... The meat was so veeeeeeery tender and juicy and while I am typing this post, the taste still lingers on my palate. Ashley just could not stop asking for more. 

If you have a sous vide setup, I urge you to try this recipe and stop spending your money on Wagyu.

Ingredients (Serves 5)

1 kg boneless beef short ribs
5 potatoes
2 packets mushrooms (cut into bite size)
3 bell peppers (different colours - red, green, yellow, sliced into long strips)
3-5 cloves garlic (peeled, sliced and divide in 2 portions)
3-5 shallots (peeled, sliced and divide in 2 portions)
olive oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Salt and Pepper


Preheat the water bath to 55°C.

Clean and pat the short ribs dry with kitchen paper. Cut the slab into pieces of 6-7 cm wide. Marinate with salt and freshly crushed pepper. Seal with hard vacuum.

Place the sealed bag in the preheated water bath and cook the short ribs for 72 hours.

Once cooked, retain the beef in the bag and cool in ice water. Dry and store in freezer until needed.

To finish the dish:

Defrost the frozen short ribs to room temperate. Remove the beef from the bags and pass the juice through a fine sieve.

Heat up a non-stock pan until very hot. Add olive oil. Sear the beef about 2 minutes on each side. Let the beef rest and cut into slices.

Serve immediately with your favourite side sides.

Bon Apetite.

The meat is wonderfully marbled, which means big flavor.

Minimum marination - Just sea salt and pepper before sealing the bags.

Stop the cooking after 72 hours, cool bags in bucket of ice water.


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. can i ask, why do you place the beef in ice water? if i wanted to eat immediately after taking out from the water bath, can i just remove them from the bags and sear them? thanks!

    1. You are right! You do not need the quick-chilling step if you are planning to serve immediately.

      This cook-chill-reheat method helps when I need to prepare the food ahead of time. Especially when I need to use my sous vide machine to cook different food at different temperature for different duration. I cook them in different batches, chill, dry and freeze them. On actual day, you just need to focus on reheating and plating.


    2. oh ok thanks! just ordered a sousvide magic so im pretty excited, hope to get results close to what you've gotten!

    3. Great! Enjoy the sous vide journey and hope you will share your expereince with me!

  3. Hi. I tried to make this dish using a canadian angus costing about $ 10 a pound. Cut into 3 portion and tried 18 , 30 and 40 hrs. turned out that the 40 the best,so I think 72 could be even better. It is tender and full of flavor. one thing I notice is that it is not very juicy,maybe the blood is lose during the SV. cos I notice there are some source on the bag. Do you have the same experience?

    1. Sorry for replying late as I was away and missed your comment.

      At what temperature did you cook the short ribs? I used 55C for 72 hours and was very pleased with the result.

  4. I've had the same problem with beef in my sous vide supreme. The steaks taste dry. Very disappointing, especially when I see the mouth-watering results that others have achieved!

    Any tips?

    1. Hi there!

      It should not be the case if you follow exactly the same cooking temperature and time.

  5. Hello

    You look familiar!
    Are you in private banking?

    Beef ribs looking really good..

  6. Did you remove the meat from the bone prior to vacuum sealing?


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