Monday, June 4, 2012

Singapore Zoological Garden - A Pictorial Tour

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Homemade Char Siew

My girls simply love the Char Siew from the Wan Ton Noodle stall at Tiong Bahru Food Center. You must be willing to brave the very long queue at the stall to be rewarded with a very nice plate of Wan Ton Noodle topped with their famous "不见天" premium Char Siew.

I had promised my girls that I would attempt to recreate this version of Char Siew at home. Keeping to that promise and inspired by the recipe found at the Food Canon website, I approached my favourite Butcher at Tiong Bahru wet market yesterday for his advise on the best part of the pork to make the premium Char Siew. He gave two suggestions:  "Five Flower" or the Armpit/Collar which the Wan Ton noodle stall owner uses. I opted for the latter.

Kids and I were very satisfied with my first attempt. The colour, texture, tenderness and charring effect were very close to, if not on par with, the noodle stall's standard. However, I still need to improve on the marinade. Somehow, I feel something was lacking. Maybe I will add some maltose in my next attempt. 

Overall, it was still a successful attempt. I could tell that from everyone's empty plate.

Update: For the latest and my favourite Char Siew recipe, CLICK HERE.

The pork was marinated overnight

Sear the pork for a few minutes before adding the marinade and water

The end result - I used my blow torch for a more uniform charring effect

Perfect colour, texture and tenderness. Served with cold, crunchy cucumber slices.

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