Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anar Singapore - An Epicurean exploration of Middle Eastern Cuisine

The culture of the Middle East is diverse and varied. It has been influenced by many different historical movements and civilizations and is richly diverse and intricate. Similarly, Middle Eastern cuisine is diverse and changes depending on the country. Some dishes are specific to one region, and flavoring techniques may change from country to country. Similarities exist, however, and some dishes are popular throughout much of the Middle East. Olives and chickpeas are frequently used in cooking, and flatbreads such as pita are popular.

I was browsing the Palate website searching for something exotic and different for lunch last week, Anar caught my attention. Wife and I had a wonderful afternoon at Anar, thanks to the delicate Arabian-influenced interior setting, the well-prepared food and the friendly and attentive service staff.

For cold starter, we had the Cold Mezze Platter which consist of Hommos bel kamoon, Moutabbal & Warak Ebnab Bel Zeit (Stuffed vine Leaves). The cold dip of chickpeas and cumin was a perfect match with the fresh Naan bread and the cold Bordeaux Blanc that we ordered.

We also tried the hot appetizer platter - a selection of meat and cheese filled spring rolls (Sanbosek) and  my favorite Falafel - fried dumplings of ground chickpeas.

We enjoyed both the hot and cold starter with the wine so much that we were more than half full when our main course was served. The Doo Platter, selection of chicken and lamb kebabs - Shish Taouk (Garlic marinated chicken), Joojeh Kebab (Saffron marinated chicken) , Chelow Kebab Kubide (minced lamb), was served over charcoal grill. The well marinated and juicy kebab meat was just so perfectly grilled - Both thumbs up!

Dessert was Um Ali - made from sweet milk, puff pastry, pistachios, almonds, raisins topped with sweet whipping cream. An arabian version of bread and butter pudding. Yum!

I must admit that Arabian cuisine did not really rank high on my favourites such as French, Italian and Chinese previously. However, this visit to Anar changed my impression of fine Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Although on the pricey side, with the Palate discount and based on the wonderful experience that we had, we will be back again soon.

Anar Singapore (Resorts World Sentosa)

26 Sentosa Gateway,
Singapore 098138
Tel: +65 6884 6989

Operating Hours:

Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00
Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00

Complimentary Starter - Platter of Feta Cheese, mint, tomato and pickles.

Cold Mezze Platter - Hommos, Moutabbal and warak enab bel zeit

Hot Mezze Platter - Selection of meat filled springrolls, cheese filled spring rolls and fried falafel.

A good starter spread

Doo Kebab Platter

Saffron Rice

Um Ali - Egyptian Bread and Butter Pudding

Arabian Tea

Freshly prepared bread

Not a perfect meal without wine...

Hebrard Bordeau Blanc - White blend, slightly acidic with nose of white flowers and citrus aroma

Array of eclectic furniture, Arabic decorations and paintings

The round shaped building is made to emphasize the Arabian aesthetics within the design while the lighting around the restaurant is inspired by the low-hanging old lamps within the Blue Mosque in Istanbul 

The tiles that are used within the Arabic Persian Arches at the centre of the restaurant are hand-made and imported from Iran, detailing the perimeter of semi-circular arches which are Moroccan in origin.

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