Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day Dinner

Wife and I do not have the tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day since our courtship days. We do not buy each other gifts or eat out at fanciful restaurants. To us, love can be celebrated everyday. Valentine's Day is just another gimmick and opportunity for florists, retailers and restaurants to rip off innocent loving couples.

Maybe I am not a romantic. Maybe not.

I took leave this Valentine's Day to prepare a simple 3-course dinner for wife and the kids. No gift exchanges or big surprises but we had a wonderful evening with Daddy's dinner, Mummy's music and the wine. This shall be our tradition going forward.

63-degree egg with truffle oil served with bacon and herbal cream cheese roll

14-hours sous vide Oxtail

Pear tartin

Our very own Restaurant 2706

Wine pairing - Trimbach Gewurztraminer for the starter

The oxtail was paired with Two Hands Shiraz from Barossa Valley

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  1. This post is great cause you highlight the importance of pairing food & wine! The Gewurztraminer for the starter and the Shiraz for the main course are excellent choices!
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