Thursday, February 23, 2012

My little garden

I have been growing plants at home for a while now. It started with just a pot of Dracena at the balcony. Over time, I added few other hardy plants in the restrooms and starting this year, I started my little herbs corner.

Some of the herbs were given by CJ and the rest I started them from seeds bought from the nursery but it was not so easy for the seeds to germinate.

An interesting plant at my balcony is the water pennywort. In some part of the world, this is considered aquatic weed and in some others they are used as herbs or even salad leaves. Its growth rate is amazing and lately I have to remove most of it and gave them away.

Everyday morning before getting out of the house and evening after work, I will be at my mini garden watering and appreciating the plants and their growth, fertilizing them every other week. I used to think that gardening is one of those hobbies for the old age, maybe age is really catching up with me.


A profusion of leaves and stems - characteristic of water pennyworts

My little herb garden experiment

The pot of rosemary bought from the nursery has been a constant source of herb for my cooking lately

On the Left: The original Dracena and the Frangipani branch from CJ

The hardy pots in the restroom


  1. Saw this older post in your linkwithin, I didn't know pennyworts were edible... have loads growing in the garden.

    1. Hi Yen! I didn't know it too until I did some google in preparation for this post. But better read up more before you start putting those leaves into your salad! :D


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