Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New accessories for My Sony Nex-5

I have been using my Sony Nex-5 for coming to a year now. Most of the pictures that I had posted in my blog were taken using the Nex-5. Although I really love this camera, I started to feel the need for more zoom and a better flash for the camera especially during the recent Chiang Mai Trip.

Last week, I went on a crazy hunt and got myself three additional accessories for the Nex-5:
  • SEL18200 11x Telephoto Zoom Lens
  • VLC-EF1 Fisheye Converter Lens
  • HLV-F20S External Flash

SEL18200 11x Telephoto Zoom Lens

The set of e-mount lenses for my Nex-5 that I currently own: 16mm pancake, 18-55mm and the new 18-200mm

Nex-5 mounted with the SEL18200 lens

I was deciding between getting this lens or the cheaper SEL55210 lens since I already have the SEL1855 that came with the camera package. In the end, I decided to get the SEL18200 due to its solid build and stylish metal body and I do not like the hassle of changing lenses especially when the environment is dusty.

To illustrate the zoom capability, below pictures were taken at my balcony (Not so sharp as I was not using tripod) using the SEL18200 lens at 18mm focal length and the maximum 200mm zoom.

View from my balcony: Taken using nex-5 with SEL18200 at 18mm. The green Holiday Inn Neon sign board which I zoomed in in next picture is at the top center of this picture.

VLC-EF1 Fisheye Converter Lens

This was an "accidental" purchase and I am glad that I got this. The fisheye offers lots of fun and a different perspective to the 16mm pancake lens. Below pictures taken in my car illustrate the wider angle and fisheye effect using the converter.

16mm Pancake lens

16mm Pancake lens with the VLC-EF1 Fisheye Converter

Notice that the angle opens up to almost 180 degree. Below are some more shots to show the difference with and without the converter taken during my girl's ballet class. The fisheye opens up and shows 3 sides of the studio wall instead of 1 as shown in the first picture. The curvature on the edges and the distortion added element of fun. The 3rd picture interestingly amplies the size difference between the ballet tutor and the kids.

Some more test shots using the fisheye converter:

Taken with the partial Red picture effect that comes with the latest NEX firmware

HLV-F20S External Flash

The main reason I had wanted to get a new flash was because of the SEL18200 lens. Due to the size, specifically the length, of the lens, it causes a shadow everytime a shot is taken with the original flash that comes with the Nex-5. I was looking for a flash extender but ended up getting this flash as it offers the "bounce" option for better and natural indoor shots and a "direct" option for outdoor shots.

See below test shots for better illustrations:

Taken with no flash at all

Taken with "Direct" option using the HLV-F20S External Flash

Taken with "Bounce" option using the HLV-F20S External Flash


  1. Yeah man! Looking forward to taking some fabulous shots this Saturday! Maybe you can help with the photography when I'm busy in the kitchen?


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