Monday, October 17, 2011

Sous Vide Cooking - My First Experience

The sous vide cooking method has gained popularity over the years and nowadays it is very common to find sous vide dishes on any fine dining menu. If you have not heard about it before, sous vide is French for “under vacuum” and describes a method of cooking in vacuum sealed plastic pouches at precisely controlled temperatures.

Having tasted and read much on sous vide cooking, I was really interested to try out the cooking method at home. Visited Sia Huat main office and TOTT couple of times, I finally brought home the Sous Vide Supreme machine along with the Diva vacuum sealer last week.

First experiment with the new gadget was sous vide Tenderloin steak at 59 degree celsius for 6 hours and the sous vide egg at 64 degree celsius for an hour.

Marinate the steak with sea salt, black pepper corn, rosemary, thyme and garlic

Vacuum seal the meat with the herbs and slow cook them in the Sous Vide Supreme. Temperature based on your preference for the degree of doneness: Rare - 49C, Medium rare - 56.5C, Medium - 60C, Medium Well - 65.5 C

After 6 hours in the sous vide supreme, sear the cooked meat on a very hot pan for 30-45 seconds each side to create the caramelized effect on the outer layer

I had tried 60 degree celsius for a medium doneness as shown here (but preferred the medium rare version at 56.5 C that I tried the next day without picture)

The sous vide egg experiment - My kids simply love this! 
I will be experimenting sous vide cooking a whole lot more in the next few weeks and months. Stay tuned!


  1. how much is the sous vide supreme at tott?

  2. I paid $800+ for it and $200+ for the diva vacuum sealer. To maximize the membership benefit at TOTT, this was what I learnt from the TOTT staff: Purchase $150 voucher and sign up as member ($150 min spending). With the membership, you get 10% rebate on the sous vide supreme purchase. Use the 10% rebate amount of $80+ to offset the sealer.

    Happy shopping and pls share your sous vide experience!

  3. Dear Chef,

    Nice to read your blog. May i ask you some thing. Do you have any idea where i can buy any sous vide equipment for hotel in Singapore beside Sia Huat store. thanks

  4. I'm using FoodSaver V3880 for sous vide. That sounds good. Thanks for your shares, that helps me so much!

  5. I just bought a sealer machine to do sous vide cooking. Luck I found your post. Thanks very much.


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