Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tapas Night

Last Saturday, drinking kakis gathered at my place for an evening of tapas and wine. The latest food craze in our little red dot has somehow influenced our choice for that night's Tapas theme. Although served in small bite-size, having a variety of small nibbles (with wine of course!) can be as filling and more interesting then having normal full course meals.

Just google if you are interested to know more about the history and how the mouth-watering custom of tapas small plates was invented. I did and found various versions and stories about Tapas and all very interesting.

But if you are more interested to find out what we had that night. Here you go...

Our only cold tapas for the night... Picture is not sharp enough... Stuffed preserved red pepper with Fetta Cheese

Baguette topped with onion, leek, sausage and mozzarella cheese 

Vietnamese spring roll

Beef Salad

Bite-size grilled pork ribs

Sautéed Mushroom on flat bread
HH and CL bought a jumbo size pizza from Peperoni (Greenwood Avenue), by then we were all too busy eating that no picture was taken.

For wine, we had in order:

Gerard Bertrand 2007 Chardonnay - I actually enjoyed this very much.
Flavors of  apple, white cherry and pear. Notes of butter and spice give the finish touches of richness.
Pierre Amadieu Cotes Du Rhone - Very nice juicy red... Not too tannic, works well with the overripe cherry flavors.

De Loach 2007 Russian River Valley Zinfandel - Surprisingly sweet for my liking

Rioja Bordon Reserva - Full of flavour and delicious... but rather to have it with food (tapas), then alone
Cono Sure 20 Barrels Limited Edition Merlot - Deep, dark ruby red colour, this is an elegant, expressive and vigorous wine. Complex and full in mouth, this is a Merlot with character. 

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