Monday, February 28, 2011

Krabi Getaway

Sun, sand and the sea... Seafood, massage, Kayak, Yoga, Pilate and Thai boxing.... It was a fun getaway without kids. CJ, Jazz, wifey and I had just returned from a 4D3N trip to Krabi, Thailand. I am now feeling the burn on my skin after spending most of our time there at the resort's private beach. But we really enjoyed ourselves and cherished the time and activities that we spent and did together as a couple. We felt young again!

We stayed at the Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas. It sits majestically within its own private bay, called Pai Plong Bay. The resort has a direct beach front location of 500 meters in length, with stunning views of verdant limestone formations and an extensive expanse of beautiful pristine white sands lapped by crystal clear waters.

The Resort

Outside the Resort Lobby

View from our room

Comfy King Bed

Room size is good

The private beach right in front of the resort

Besides spending most of our time at the private beach, we took up quite a number of fun-filled activities organised by the resort like Thai boxing, Yoga, Kayaking. 

Spectacular limestone formation by the beach

Art work on the sand by the tiny crabs

Roasting in progress...

Thai Boxing

Don't mess with the girl!

As the resort is on a private bay, the only way out to the nearby Ao Nang beach and tourist area is by the resort speed boat. However, there is a fixed schedule and you have to make booking in advance due to limited seats. Most of the time, we would rather take the more adventurous route via the Monkey Trail - A 10-15 min walk over rickety wooden steps to Ao Nang. It was an experience!

The Monkey Trial experience...

... with lots of Monkeys along the way

Ao Nang Beach... At the end of the Monkey Trial

Sunset at Ao Nang Beach
A wedding ceremony by the beach...

Food at the resort was expensive and nothing to shout about. However, you can find the freshest seafood here at Ao Nang and we had lots of them... yummy!

Seafood at Ao Nang.. You can FEEL the freshness...
Seafood at Ao Nang Seafood Street

Dinner at Ban Lay Seafood Restaurant, Ao Nang

This was our best dinner... at Phra Nang Kitchen along Ao Nang Beach

It was a feast!

Lunch at Dragon Bar

Tom Yum Kung

Mango with sticky rice

Thai Dinner Buffet at the Resort

Ao Nang is busy but hasn’t lost that laid back, friendly small-town feel; it is developed but still retains its original beauty and charm.

Line of small boats parked along the Pier

"Tuk Tuk" waiting for passengers

Ao Nang Night Market

Of course we ended everyday with bottle of wine in our room. For this trip, we bought 3 bottles of red and 1 white from the Airport DFS. As we filled our days with back-to-back activities, we were all very tired at the end of every day. Wifey and I struggled to keep ourselves awake to last the whole wine session :p.

The wine for the trip, in order:

B&G French Tom 2008 Bordeaux

Terrazas Malbec 2008 Argentina
Rheinhessen 2009... A German Riesling... Fruity and mildly sweet 

Chateau La Hourcade 2005 Medoc
We had this Almond Liquor at the Club in the resort... Nice almond aroma with a smooth finishing.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese New Year Feast!

The Chinese New Year officially ended last Thursday. I'm putting together in this post all the Chinese dishes that I had prepared for the numerous Lo Hei sessions this year... Huat Ah!

Lo Hei with the Floravale wine Kakis at Alan's place

Huat Ah!

Must Try! Wifey's Yu Sheng...

Braised Chinese Mustard with Mushroom and Dried Scallop

Pumpkin Prawn

Deep Fried Prawn Roll

Buddha Jumps over the Wall

Lo Hei Session At our place

Ashley and Megan drooling over the food...

My greatest joy to see Granny's smile!!

Stir Fry Asparagus with Scallop

Stir Fry Chicken and Bean Curd

Braised Pork with Carrot and Chinese Yam

Sambal Prawn

My Mother-in-Law's version of Pen Cai
Are you hungry after seeing all the photos? With this Chinese New Year, I had the chance to come out with quite a number of chinese and local dishes. Mmmmm...Love it!

It has been quite a while since I last stormed the kitchen with chinese stir-fries, stews and braised dishes as we spent more time experimenting fine dining recipes lately. They belong to two totally different schools of culinary skills and methods and I enjoy the process of preparing both. Most importantly, I enjoy how my family and friends enjoy my food!
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