Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Dinner 2010 - Picture says a thousand words

Just got the photos that CJ and Jazz took during the recent Christmas Dinner. I have to share with you the wonderful times that we had. It was a tiring but very satisfying attempt seeing how the kids and guests had enjoyed the food, drinks and company.

I believe my helper got a shock with the dishes she had to wash that night. (It was her 2nd week with us... and she asked me when would I be hosting dinner again) This also reminded me that setting up a restaurant is never easy without a dedicated and united kitchen team. What you see and enjoy on the dinner table is a result of the hard work, creativity, experiments and teamwork put together by the chef and his team.

Wine selection for the dinner

Slicing the Foie Gras could be tricky. You should not be handling the liver too much or your body temperature will melt it and it will become messy to manage. Slice it with a sharp warm knife and my recommendation is to return the sliced foie gras into freezer to "slow down" the melting process if you are not cooking it immediately.
Reheating the beef cheek which I had stewed for 4 hours in the oven before storing in the fridge.

Seasoning the cod fillet with salt and pepper before wrapping with bacon.

Getting ready and looking good...

Pan seared duck liver with honey poached pear and red wine dressing

CJ's creative work to present the red wine dressing in circular dots... I find it too beautiful to be eaten. 

A peek into the kitchen.

Sommelier at work.

Frothing milk for the mushroom cappuccino.

Mushroom Soup served Cappuccino Style


Grilled Cod fillet served with sweet potato mash

Roast Pork Belly in Milk Sauce served with salmon carviar and toast

Sorbet palette cleanser

Stew Wagyu Beef Cheek in Red Wine served with baby carrot and spinach

Hot bananas with rum and raisins served with Vanilla ice cream

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